“Wait baby, Let me teach you how to shampoo!”


My first position as a new stylist was an assistant. Yes, starting out as an assistant is a great way to get your feet wet in a new salon. But I’ll talk to you about assisting later. Like I was saying, I was so excited about my new job as an assistant and I just knew I was ready.

The stylist that I assisted by the way, was and still is an Awesome stylist. I learned so much under his tutelage and I still use what I gained from him until this day. I’ll tell you about him also, a little later. I have so much to share with you! Continuing, my boss asked me to prep his next client.

I eagerly went to the reception area, introduced myself and directed her to my station (to analyze her scalp and hair) and then the to shampoo area. I proceeded to shampoo or what I thought was a shampoo, when she sat up grabbed both my hands and said “Wait baby, I’m gonna teach you how to shampoo!”

I was so shocked, what is this lady talking about? I already know how to do this. I could have gotten an attitude and told her what I thought, but instead I listened to her and tried to do what she asked. It wasn’t that the shampoo was so terrible, she just wanted me to use a little more pressure during the manipulations.  I totally grasped the concept! I learned technique in beauty school, but right then and there, I learned execution.

The piece of education that I received from her has helped me to make thousands of dollars. The point is, we should always keep an open mind, for we are always learning and ever growing. Some of your best teachers and education that you will receive during your journey will be from your clients.

Be Blessed,

Tunese Goodwin

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