The Bubbles In My Head

This post today is dedicated to my clients who can read the bubbles in my head.  I love the way that they describe my reactions to some of their requests, or new style ideas.  When they ask me what I think, they say I pause and when I don’t respond right away, that means the answer is clearly NO!

They then proceed to tell me what the bubble in my head was saying.  Sometimes they are right, ok, most of the time they are right and other times I am REALLY glad that people can not read what I am thinking. LOL!

Believe it or not, people still bring in pictures or show you posts of styles that they clearly can not have.  When clients ask me if  certain services can be performed, I immediately start thinking if what they are asking is something that I can do.  I have found in my many years of doing hair, that stylists will tell people that something can’t happen, when it can- they just don’t know how to do it.

I feel that that is SO wrong and unfair to the client.  It is important that we are honest with people and simply say, that is something that can be done, it is just not something that I am strong in.  Don’t say that you can’t do it, you probably can, it’s just not your specialty.

Often when I am asked to do a style that I haven’t done before, I find that after a few minutes of study, I just make it happen.  If I can not make it happen I refer them to a stylists that I know can provide the service they are requesting.  Don’t be afraid to refer clients to other stylists.

So to my clients who can read bubbles, I want you to know that I am working on making sure that all the bubbles that appear from now on are positive and……..I don’t know what else to say.  Can you read the bubble now? LOL!


Feeling Bubbly,




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