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I just had to write this post right now, right this minute.  It’s about 11:30pm and I am doing a little work-but I was distracted by the television.  Kobe Bryant is a guest on Jimmy Kimmel and they are discussing his new documentary that will premiere this weekend on Showtime.

Kobe starts to discuss a point early in his career during a particular game when he just shot air balls.  He stated that this game was  one that he really would like to forget and it made me think of times in my life and career, when I just couldn’t get things right, when I was shooting air balls.

What is outstanding was, the next day, all day, even into the evening, Kobe goes to the gym by himself, and shoots balls.  So the next thing that I asked myself was “Self would you go back to the salon and keep practicing until you get it right or until you perfect a particular skill?”

Do I have that same determination, and drive?  Yes I do, and yes you do.  Kobe realized that he had to put in hard work and sacrifice in order to master his craft.  He could have sulked because he made a mistake, he could have waited to practice with his team, he could have blamed his fellow team members for his shortcomings,  but instead he learned a great lesson from that one game.

It is often our failures or tests that we learn the most from.  If we take those lessons and keep shooting, our air balls will turn into slam dunks!

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