Hungry, Motivated and Evolving

As stylists we have to stay hungry and motivated, in order to keep evolving.  Have you ever wanted something so bad that you do whatever it takes to get what you want?  If you have children you might be able to relate to this example.  My girls want a dog.  I honestly am not opposed to the idea, but I don’t think we can handle the responsibility of a dog at this stage in our lives.  We have tried countless times to explain to them why it won’t work, but they are very persistent.

So persistent that they have done research on different dogs, have an idea what it will cost to buy one and they even took the time to complete book reports.  Now thats how “hungry and motivated” people act.

Or  do you remember as a child the toy that you wanted so bad.  You where hoping, wishing, and praying for Santa, your mom, dad, Jesus or somebody to bring it to you.  Did you leave a list around for your parents to see.  Did you tear pictures out of magazine?  Did you circle pictures in catalogs?  Now, my kids leave web pages up on my laptop to leave me hints.  But I know what they are doing.

Now look at my nephew in the picture above.  He is determined to finish the race.  He’s tired, hot and thirsty, but he can’t stop.  Maybe as a child you were intrigued will the dolls hair and that led you to beauty school where you couldn’t wait to do your first haircut.

The idea here, is that when we are  hungry we push until we get what we want.  So in the beauty industry, if you are like me, you are constantly taking classes, doing research, and always seeking ways to increase in your business and technical skills.  A beauty professional who stops their education, puts a stop on their business and ultimately their lifestyle.

So each day when you wake up remind yourself of your dreams, visions and goals.  Do whatever it takes to keep yourself in a positive state and remember that the hunger you are experiencing will be filled with continual success.



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