Shirley Died

Shirley Died Yesterday!

She did, she died yesterday and I am so sad……….

Have you ever had a favorite brush or tool die on you well, On December 9, 2014 at 1:45 pm.  Shirley an old faithful blowdryer died on me.  If you look at the picture Shirley, (the name my clients and I affectionally call her) was not the prettiest, but boy did she work well.


Shirley was a Salono blowdryer, a professional dryer used by many stylists.  I used Shirley only for her cooling features, you see Shirley did not get hot anymore, she only emitted cold air!  She had the best cool shot capabilities that I have ever seen. 

That cold air was wonderful for my Menopausal clients.  Whenever they would heat up in my chair, they would call on Shirley!  I knew that meant a hot flash was on the way.  So I would whip her out and let Shirley emit cold air on their face and head until they were cool.  She was a life or should we say hairsaver!  She will be greatly missed. 

Until I find a replacement I will use my new favorite dryer.   I purchased it about a year ago.  It is the Amika Power Cloud Repair  and Smooth- dryer by Obliphica. 


It is great dryer.  It is very light weight, has a long cord and does some awesome smoothing.  Whenever my husband is in the salon he puts his dryer down and uses mine.  By the way the cool shot on this dryer works pretty good.

Speaking of staying cool, here is another quick tidbit that I’ve learned the over the years.

Menopausal women may have a hot flash about 5-10 minutes after they come from under the hooded dryer.  When the part of the brain that senses when a menopausal women is too warm, it starts a series of events to cool her down.  Blood vessels near the skins surface enlarge, increasing the blood flow to the surface to get rid of the heat. 

This will make them have that flushed appearance and may begin to perspire.  I can also feel heat emitting from their scalp, so sometimes I beat them to the punch and offer them a fan or magazine. A drink of cold water will also help in the cooling process.  

The information that I just shared with you is something that you don’t learn in beauty school, it is valuable knowledge that you gain while working with clients.  This is the type of information that I will continue to share with you.  It is important to our growth as stylists.   The more we know, the more we grow.

Be Blessed,


P.S.  I haven’t named my new dryer yet, my husbands suggestion in Amy.  What do you think?

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