You Need Money, Passion and Compassion

Last night I was lying in bed, trying to force myself not to think about work, blogging or any other aspect of my business. Everyone needs a day of rest and I try to make Sunday afternoons my time off to clear my head and reboot for the new week.

So, I turned on the television and one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank, was on. I absolutely love Shark Tank! This particular episode is now one of my all time favorites:

John Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchel Systems was a guest Shark. OMG, I think I am in love with another man. He is not only is a billionaire, but he is a billionaire with a heart of gold. I have always been aware of him and Paul Mitchel products, but I never researched “the man” behind the products.

I was so touched by what he said to and did for Johnny Jordan, owner of Tree T-Pee Water Containment Systems. Not because he gave him a deal, but because he saw that Johnny was a good man with a heart for people. He saw that he was Not ALL About the Money.

I love all the Sharks, and I respect their intellect and ability to turn a small business into a multimillion-dollar empire, but in this episode they seemed to be more focused on money.

Yes, making money is important, very important and in business we want to make money. But we also have to be passionate about what we do, and focus ultimately on helping others. John Paul saw something deeper. He saw something beyond the money. He saw a man with passion and compassion!

I wish I could describe to you everything I feel and explain every emotion that flowed through my veins when I saw this. But, you have to watch it for yourself. I hope you see what I see and if you do, let me know.



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