Is She Natural or Not?

When people look at this picture, the question that follows….Is she natural or not?

I am often asked whether I service people with natural hair.  Actually, I do and have over the years.  Even before natural hair styling became popular, there were many women who for various reasons chose to go without relaxers.

One major focus in salons today is if our clients should wear relaxed or natural hair. As a stylist it is my duty to manage the health of the hair.  Often this means that I am responsible for helping them decide what services are best for them, individually.

The young lady in this picture has very thick beautiful hair.  She is never afraid to try something new.  She has gone from asymmetric, to very short and edgy, to long and flat ironed, and back to short again.  

And Guess what?  In every stage her hair has been natural.  I love the fact that we have so many options available to us when it comes to choosing hairstyles.  Consultation is key and always remember that you are the professional, do your best to guide your clients in the right direction.

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