How to Handle Children in the Salon

Isn’t she cute?  That’s my niece, getting her hair done in the salon.  She was a very good client despite her age.  She is only three years old and behaved better than some of my adult clients!  She didn’t cry, or yell and she was very still from beginning to end.

However, there are many children that come into salons across the country exhibiting much different behaviors.  There are some salons that don’t service children because of behavior and safety issues, thus resulting in specialty salons that service only children.

For some stylists, especially those early in their  careers children are sometimes where you start to build your clientele.  I know for myself, early in my career I serviced quite a few children.  If you are a stylist that services children, I just wanted to give you a few quick tips to make your time in the salon with the children go a little smoother.

1.  Ask the parent to control the children.

2.  Keep the children busy with books etc.. in a section of the salon.

3.  Make clear to the parents that chemicals and equipment are all around.  They must be responsible.

4.  Give the children something to do.  I have small kids remove paper and hair from roller.  (Try it you’ll be surprised!)

5.  If they are uncontrollable, for your safety and theirs,  ask them to leave the salon

This is just a small list, there is so much more to handling children in the salon.  Stylists, however remember that you are the leader and are in control.  If you choose to service children it is okay, it is totally a personal preference, but remember that children turn into teenagers, that turn into adults.  If you keep them coming to you through these transitions, you are looking at great earning potential.




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