Blank Check

Have you ever been handed a blank check?  Over the last few years I’ve had so many clients hand me blank checks, with nothing but the date and their signature. People have handed me checks and literally walked out of the salon for me to fill in the amount. All they say is, “You fill in the rest.  I trust you.” Oh my God! Fill in the rest?

I also have clients who, once I’m finished with their service, just hand me their credit cards. Never once do they ask, “How much is it?” That’s an awesome feeling, when they trust you enough to let you service them and charge them without any questions answered. It is so important that they trust me, my technical ability, and my character.

Trust is so very important to your business.  Do not misuse people or their resources.  Do not purposely render bad services or use cheap products.  Remember a blank check is the result or reward for your clients trust in you.


Tunese Goodwin

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