Black Friday 2014

Black Friday  2014

blackfridaysalesIt’s Black Friday 2014 and retailers are going crazy!  My email inbox is stuffed with ads and the television is buzzing with countless commercials for Black Friday and holiday deals. 

I have only gone out on two occasions to shop on Black Friday and it was crazy! Everywhere we went the lines were extremely long. The traffic was atrocious and people where pushing and shoving trying to get into the stores.

Unfortunately, I never was able to get anything that I was shopping for, because of limited quantities and aggressive shoppers.  So, on this Black Friday I will be in the comfort of my home, eating Thanksgiving leftovers trying to avoid gaining another pound.

This is the time of year when everyone is a little more giving and busy buying things for the holidays. A few years ago my friend (who is also a hairstylist) and I were discussing Black Friday and decided that we would take advantage of this idea.

So we adopted Black Wednesday (which is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving).  Instead of coming in at 6am, we would start as early as our clients wanted.  So that particular year we were doing hair at 4am to handle the early birds.  It was great! Believe it or not people actually wanted to come in that early.

Okay- I am not saying that you should absolutely make this a practice. As with anything there are pros and cons and you must decide what is meaningful to you.  The pros are you start early, you can get in more people, and you make more money for the day. 

The cons are that you end up working a longer day, your extra tired, and you may end up burning your turkey because you accidentally slept too long while it was baking. 

My point is to keep your eyes open and take advantage of opportunities. The money that I make on Black Wednesdays more than compensates for any Black Friday deal that I would wake up early for.  So be creative and seize opportunities. That’s what every other business is doing. Why not join in the fun?

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