About Me

About Me . . .

I have professionally practiced cosmetology for 20+ years.

I enrolled as a cosmetology student at the age of 16.  At the age of 18, I graduated from high school and beauty school during the SAME year.

I’m the quiet, ambitious type

I’ve always been one of few words, but make no mistake, my mind is on fire!  For this reason, some people find me somewhat intriguing.  Truthfully, I am.  This website gives you the rare opportunity to do what others have never had the opportunity to do before—pick my brain!  After 20+  years, I have gained the knowledge I only wish someone would have given me as a young Stylist.  Well, I hope you’re as excited as I am!  Lets keep reading…..

I started as an assistant to a successful, well-established salon-owner for a couple of years before I took my own chair.  From there, I went on to work at a full-service salon where I’ve had the opportunity to service every type of client, styled through every hair trend and attended more continuing education classes and hair shows than I would care to admit.  In 2000, I went back to school for my Cosmetology Instructor’s License and began to teach and coach up-and-coming Stylists.  In 2002 I went back to school to finish my degree in Business Administration.  Therefore, (I feel) it’s sufficient enough to say that I have the book and practical knowledge of this industry and believe you, me—there is an absolute  gap between the technical and practical world of Cosmetology.

I know how to make the numbers work.

As a Stylist trying to build a business, I know what it is to mull over over the figures.  I have asked all of the questions that a stylist asks at some point in their career like, “Am I charging the proper amount?” and “Am I properly managing my overhead?”  What’s interesting is while these questions are important to answer, what really pads your proverbial smock pocket are the soft skills.  Don’t get me wrong, technical skills matter, but how you Treat people is Paramount.

Sshhhhh . . . I’m really a therapist posing as a stylist.

It’s all about building relationships. I’m a seasoned  stylist and a very good listener.  There was a time where I would say that I’m a better listener than I am a stylist.  In the early part of my career, being a good listener covered any downfalls in my technical skills.  At this stage in my career,  I’ve learned to engage my listening skills while perfecting my technical abilities.

A couple of Fun and Interesting Facts . . . 

  • I love Twizzlers!
  • I love slushies and ice!
  • As a kid, I got in trouble for messing up my Grandma’s iron by pressing my Barbie Doll’s Clothes. It turns out you can’t press tulle—who knew?

Don’t take my word for it . . .

“I have had Tunese Goodwin as a stylist since I was in high school. She has done a phenomenal job of seeing me through challenging times with my hair breakage. I am complimented every time I get my hair styled by her. She has been the one I have turned to with all problems hair-related.”  -Toscha Calloway

“Tunese is awesome! I really appreciate how reliable and flexible she is. My hair is the healthiest it has ever been, since I’ve been going to her. I don’t ever have to worry about her not being there I appreciate how she has improved my hair.” –April Ewing



“I came to Tunese with a 2-year old that has a physical and mental disability—and her hair wouldn’t grow. She started out with three little poofs on the top of her head but because of Tunese, her hair is now down the middle of her back, in spite of the several surgeries my daughter has had and the multiple medications that she is taking. I have high regard for Tunese and her staff for not only making my daughter’s hair beautiful but also being able to deal with her disabilities. Tunese is very flexible and produces very natural, “flowy” hairstyles and if you bring her a picture, she can make it look just like that [picture]. What a totally awesome experience!” –Mary