A plug out of his hair

I want to begin the post by saying.  I am a hairstylist, not a babysitter.  That being said.  I was asked to watch my niece and nephew for a few hours on Wednesday.  Sure, no problem.  The kids arrived, I fed them lunch, and all was going well.  I decided that being the great multitasked that I am, that I could put a load of towels  into the washer.  So I left the kids ran to the laundry room, started the washer and continued to sort the laundry.

I was busy working and suddenly realized that the 1 and 3-year-old were upstairs alone.  So I ran upstairs, ran into my daughter’s room where they like to play only to find both of them with scissors in their hands, hair all over her bed and floor, my long hair mannequin scalped, and their smiling faces.  That’s not all.

To make a long story short (a phrase often used by my friend Lorraine ), I look at my nephew who’s curly hair looked a little strange, it looked like a something was wrong, but then I thought maybe it was just flattened.  Later my sister called to let me know that a complete curl rolled of his head a little later.  After a little investigation, we realized that my niece cut a plug out of his hair.

So Uncle Dannomite barber to the rescue!

Not a good babysitter:0,



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